Whitfords Boys Junior Cricket – Year 4 to Year 11

Year 4 to Year 11 Boys Cricket Info

Year 4 to Year 11 boys at WJCC play in the North West Metro Cricket Association (NWMCA) competition under Community Junior Cricket Council (CJCC) rules. The CJCC Stage formats align to Cricket Australia (CA) Junior Formats and are on the CA Junior Cricket Pathway starting at Woolworths Cricket Blast through these Junior Formats through to Senior Cricket and all the way to Australian and Big Bash Teams.

The Junior Cricket Pathway

Includes a staged approach to help kids develop the required skills in a fun and action-packed way. The stages have been developed based on research, testing and community feedback and are considerate of the physical, mental and emotional development of boys.

FormatCJCC Stage 1 (Junior Formats 1)CJCC Stage 2 (Junior Formats 2)CJCC Stage 3 (Junior Formats 3)
Age Groups (school year based)

*E.g. if a boy is in Year 6 for 2023,

he would play in a Year 6 competition

team for the 2023/24 cricket season.
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 10-11
Duration20 overs (T20)30 overs20 or 35 overs
2 hours3 hours2.5 to 4 hours
Sunday morningsSaturday morningsSunday mornings
FormatCJCC Stage 1 (Junior Formats 1) | CJCC Stage 2 (Junior Formats 2) | CJCC Stage 3 (Junior Formats 3)
Uniform and Equipment*New Stage 1 players and new players to the club get a free WJCC long sleeve playing shirt and a free WJCC broad brimmed playing hat.

What do players/parents need to supply?

  • White cricket pants and a protector (box) – available from cricket equipment suppliers like Meulemans Joondalup and sporting goods stores. Normal running or grass sports shoes (cricket spikes not required).

  • For existing players – as they grow – replacement WJCC shirts and hats are available from the club for economical prices.

What about other equipment?

  • The club supplies each team with all game day equipment for coaches and team managers to run matches as training such as cricket balls, cones, stumps, a shade gazebo for each team and a first aid kit.

  • The club supplies all teams with playing equipment that players can share including helmets, gloves, pads, bats, thigh guards etc.

  • Players and families can purchase their own playing equipment at their discretion.

If you have any questions about boys cricket, please don’t hesitate to contact the club at info@wjcc.com.au

WJCC Boys Important Dates

Please check back here and on WJCC socials – all dates TBC

WJCC Junior Team Allocation Night 
Wed 20/09/2023 – MacDonald Park Rooms 
from 5:30pm (check times closer)

NWMCA Season Start Dates
Boys – Yr 8 – Sat 14/10/2023
Boys – Yr 9 & Yr 10-11 – Sun 15/10/2023
Boys – Yr 6 & Yr 7 – Sat 21/10/2023
Boys – Yr 4 & Yr 5 – Sun 22/10/2023