Whitfords Girls Junior Cricket – Year 4 to Year 12 Girls

Our Club's Inclusive Program for Girls

WJCC’s Girls Cricket program is designed for girls aged 9 – 17 with a wide variety of experience & skill levels to play cricket.  We want each player to know that we are genuinely interested in her, both as a person and as a cricketer.  We’re here to support her not just in learning to play cricket, but also in making new friends and perhaps taking the first steps towards her dream of playing for Australia.

Girls Cricket is a community-based program that makes cricket a fun, social activity where girls can fall in love with the game of cricket and in doing so hopefully keep playing the sport long term.  

We are a club that is committed to introducing girls to Australia’s national sport.  Regardless of how much cricket experience they have, all female junior cricketers are welcome at WJCC as we work to become known as both the sport and club of choice for girls in Western Australia.

Game FormatStage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Year 4/5Year 6/7Year 8/9Year 10/12
Love the game
Emphasis on play
Player Development
Cricket Skill✔(individual)✔(team)✔(competitive)
Club Spirit
Cricket Spirit
High Performance✔(available)✔(available)✔(available)
Program Enablers
1 on 1 coach
See it be it✔(hub)✔(hub)✔(club roles)
Parent Information
Buddy System✔(little)✔(big)
Social Media

Program Focus

  • Keep it fun to deliver immediate satisfaction and positive reinforcement from playing cricket that builds a love for the game.
  • Provide an environment centred around loving the game.  This is essential for girls to remain associated with cricket long-term whether becoming a coach, volunteer or just to play.
  • Maintain a social & inclusive club culture.  This is a major driver for girls’ participation in cricket.
  • Celebrate our club spirit and playing with people who are like-minded and subscribe to a shared vision and ethos.
  • Embrace the spirit of cricket – playing competitively but always fairly & with integrity.
  • Engage in teamwork, develop communication skills and play for others – not just yourself.
  • For those girls who want to take their game to another level, provide additional training sessions that deliver a higher level of technical knowlege and advanced skills development.
  • Encourage parents & other role models to participate in training to give families confidence to play cricket at home.  This both establishes & accelerates sound skill basics (bat, bowl, throw, catch, field)
  • Adopt the ‘See it Be it’ principle by mixing age groups at every opportunity.
  • Use social media to foster a sense of community & keep players regularly engaged with the club.

If you have any questions about girls cricket, please don’t hesitate to contact the club at girlscricket@wjcc.com.au

Social and competitive play

As a community cricket-based club the mix of players is broad.  The balance of social and competitive play needs to be managed between club, team and individual objectives.  Adopting social play as the primary emphasis achieves a balance that benefits: 

Social Players  
  • Can compete with friends in a relaxed manner free of judgement and expectation  

The Club 
  • Builds club spirit  
  • Greater chance to grow participation  

District Players
  • Training can be optional to balance workload and time
  • Club games can be seen as an opportunity to: 
    • Try out/practice advanced skill sets to use at district level, and  
    • A chance to have fun and respite from serious competition

WJCC Girls Important Dates

Please check back here and on WJCC socials – all dates TBC

WJCC All Girls Blasters Come & Try Day 
Sun 10/09/2023 – MacDonald Park South – 3-5pm

WJCC Girls Pre-Season Training Hub #1 
Wed 13/09/2023 – MacDonald Park South – 4:30-5:30pm

WJCC Girls Parent Info night 
Thu 14/09/2023 – MacDonald Park Rooms (time TBC)

WJCC Girls Pre-Season Training Hub #2 
Wed 20/09/2023 – MacDonald Park South – 4:30-5:30pm

WJCC Junior Team Allocation Night 
Wed 20/09/2023 – MacDonald Park Rooms – from 5:30pm (check times closer)

WJCC Girls Pre-Season Training Hub #3 
Wed 27/09/2023 – MacDonald Park South – 4:30-5:30pm

WJCC Girls Pre-Season Training Hub #4 
Wed 4/10/2023 – MacDonald Park South – 4:30-5:30pm

NWMCA Season Start Dates
Girls Yr 10-12 – Sun 15/10/2023 (TBC)
Girls Yr 6-7 & 8-9 – Sat 21/10/2023 (TBC)
Girls Yr 4-5 – Sun 22/10/2023 (TBC