Cost Pressures for Season 24/25

How does the City of Joondalup’s new Venue Hire Fees and Charges Policy affect WJCC?

  • On 1st January 2024, the City of Joondalup commenced its new Venue Hire Fees and Charges Policy (VHFCP)
    • The new VHFCP takes effect for the 2024-25 cricket season.
    • Under the previous VHFCP, junior sports clubs typically received a 100% subsidy from the City for hire of grounds for training and matches and hire of venues for (such as Fleur Freame Pavilion Hall & MacDonald Park).
      • Hire of storage sheds and floodlighting was also free under the previous VHFCP by the City.
    • Under the new VHFCP, Whitfords is classed as Category C & will receive a 75% subsidy on new fees from 1st Jan 2024 to 30th Jun 2025.  Fees for storage and floodlighting also commenced on the 1st of Jan.
      • From 1st July 2025 onwards, the subsidy reduces to 50%.  
    • Based on 2023-24 season player numbers, this means venue and facility hire will introduce a new cost to WJCC of $26 per player for the 2024-25 season, rising to $52 per player in the 2025-26 season and beyond.

This, along with other price increases (detailed below), means the 2024-25 season Junior Cricket fees will increase from $199 to become $219.  This cost sees WJCC remain competitive with or cheaper than other cricket clubs in the North-West corridor and significantly cheaper than other winter or summer junior sports. 

Woolworths Cricket Blast remains the same $99 cost as last season, which is excellent value.

What other cost pressures are impacting WJCC’s Junior Cricket registration fees for the 2024-25 season?

  • For the 2024-25 season, there will also be a planned increase in competition administration costs for cricket competitions in which all North-West cricket teams participate, including Whitfords.  Last season the cost was $12.50 per player, for 2024-25 there is an increase to $15 per player.
  • Finally, the club also needs to account for price increases in equipment used for matches and training, notably cost increases for cricket balls.

Despite this, and due to Whitfords’ sound financial governance and planning (driven from our Strategic Plan) the club can minimise the impact of the above items for our families and junior players. 

What is WJCC’s Committee doing to Minimise the Impact of these Cost Increases?

As we move into the 2024-25 season and beyond, the club committee will continue to:

    • Lobby the City of Joondalup (Mayor, councillors and administration) to review its VHFCP to keep junior sports affordable for all.
    • Regularly check & adjust venue & facility bookings to minimise hire costs of these throughout the season – as we have always done to date.
    • Seek support from businesses and private community members to support the club through sponsorships and donations, supporting junior cricket.
    • Apply for government grants the club is eligible for, to fund specific initiatives or purchases.
    • Keep registration fees and prices charged for uniforms and other items as low as possible to give the best value to our families whilst keeping the club viable for generations of young cricketers to come.

Families should also note that you may be eligible for KidSport funding to assist your junior athlete to play sport.  For information please contact [email protected] or head to

What else is the club doing to help kids play cricket?

Over the years WJCC has undertaken many initiatives to remove barriers to boys and girls starting their journey playing cricket and maintaining that value as their junior cricket continues through different age groups:

    • Free uniform items for all junior cricketers new to WJCC.
    • All equipment supplied for players in all age groups – no-one misses out whether they can purchase their own equipment or not.
    • Free items made available from season-to-season such as drink bottles, and special items such as last season’s 50th Anniversary commemorative cap. 

Cricket in general remains a great-value junior sport for all girls and boys, providing them access to sport and physical activity season-after-season at a low cost compared to many other sports.  Cricket is Australia’s sport, and Whitfords JCC also provides access to elite competition pathways for players headed in that direction.

Aligned to the club’s Strategic Plan, WJCC has worked hard to maintain sound fiscal management of club affairs and is committed to ensure the club is a stable, safe, and inclusive place for children 5-18 years old to enjoy playing cricket.

WJCC has just finished celebrating its first 50 years and the committee team looks forward to the next 50 years supporting Whitfords juniors playing the fun, safe, and inclusive sport of cricket, and making memories and friends that will last a lifetime.